Monday, August 15, 2011

Dockfest big success, again

Larry DeBono's Suite Fifteen lights up the night during Dockfest 2011 at Fairport Yacht Club. Close to 200 members and guests partied the night away following a sailpast and sailing race.
Commodore Gary Peck, aboard Adios Dinero with his admiral, Arlene, salutes member boats during the sailpast on Frenchman's Bay.
Rathlin Gael sports her new dodger and bimini during the afternoon race on Lake Ontario that was part of the Dockfest program.
Free Spirit close reaches with good friends Chitra and Brian crewing with owners Audrey and Dave Leithead.
Ralph Birkhoff, skipper of Marina Cay, reported that Jim Simpson and Paul and Lori Murray were awesome crew . . . "once I got them to put their beers down."

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Annual Dockfest upcoming August 13

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Old Guys with Old Boats

Eight Fairport Yacht Club boats rafted up in Frenchman's Bay on July 30 to celebrate the 30th year of Heaven's Door and Marina Cay cruising the "high seas."

Other boats participating were Back Nine, Pugmunster, Doghouse, Dolce Vita, Chitz N Giggles and a no-name SeaRay 34 owned by Molly and Crawford MacFadyen.

The plan was to anchor out until about 6 p.m., conduct yacht denaming, renaming, or christening as required, and then head back to the dock for a ribfest BBQ/potluck dinner.

Alas, the septet did fall short of the Guinness World Record for a raft-up of 1,651 boats.

FYC is a full-service yacht club

Witness Ralph Birkhoff, Vice-Commodore, Sail, delivering James Simpson and his dead-engine motor yacht to his slip:
Why is the Vice-Commodore using oars despite the rubber duck having outboard power? Well . . . it seems there is a tow line wrapped around the prop.
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