Sunday, July 6, 2014

New harbor entrance, new big-boat dock

Work nears completion on the much-improved harbour entrance to Frenchman's Bay and Frenchman's Bay Marina, Fairport Yacht Club and Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club. The old channel was 80 feet wide with depth of 6 feet, if you could find it. The new one is 120 feet wide and has a full 12 feet of depth.
A new dock to accommodate yachts 70 and 78 feet LOA with beam up to 21 feet on side ties has been added at Frenchman's Bay Marina. It will eventually become a dockominium like the Fairport Yacht Club dock at right. Each slip has two 50-amp power outlets. There will be a social deck at the outer end. For info on purchase or rental, email Dockmaster at Fairport Yacht Club.
Click one either image for an enlarged view.