Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blues late into the night—for a good cause

Blues artist Bruce Nasmith was the headliner at the Beef & Blues fund-raiser for Fairport YC organized by Lori and Paul Murray.

Shane Ryder looks after business on the Blackberry, Ralph Birkhoff reaches for a fresh drink while other members chat around the fire.

Paul Murray plays drums with Bruce Nasmith on guitar while guest artist Pugs "The Harp" Norman wails away on the harmonica.

Jim Simpson joins the jam with his fancy air guitar while Norlene Chong and Pugs offer encouragement.

There was a biker among the boaters as Bob Gow arrived at the party on his gorgeous Harley-Davidson Road King.

Before the party wound down well after midnight, Bill Coons, bass guitar, and Bob Anderson, rhythm guitar, were also "on stage" with Paul, Pugs and Bruce.

Thank you to all the members and friends who came out in support of our Beef & Blues. Thanks also to the guests attending from Hot Knots Landing Marina (Orillia), Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club (Pickering) & Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club (Scarborough) as well.

The event was the success we anticipated and two life rings for Fairport Yacht Club will be purchased this week.

Thanks for playin'
Lori & Paul

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