Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome to Fairport Yacht Club!

Fairport Yacht Club was first incorporated in 1984 by a group of sailors, power and sail, operating from Port Pickering Marina. The name was taken from the Village of Fairport which now is the area at the foot of Liverpool Road in Pickering on the east shore of Frenchman's Bay.

The club was active until the late 1990s when the marina closed and the site was sold to the City of Pickering for parkland. The club moved its burgee to East Shore Marina and tried to carry on but interest soon waned and membership disappeared. Just before the charter was to be revoked, a small group acquired it, filed the outstanding returns and kept the club charter alive for a project that was then in the planning stages.

In 2004, Fairport Yacht Club returned to Frenchman's Bay at its new home at Ontario's first registered Dockominium. The 56-slip Dockominium is located on the east shore of the bay just north of Frenchman's Bay Marina on modern docks with superior facilities. The slips are privately owned.

Fairport Yacht Club functions as the sailing, cruising and social hub for those owners or tenants of the Dockominium who choose to join in social or cruising events.

The past several years have seen a number of visitors to Fairport YC and 2008 promises to be a banner year as we finally have new modern washrooms, showers and laundry open right at the ramp to shore.

The fabulous new Port Restaurant and Lounge has opened right next door. Hy Tea, Creme Brule and the popular Waterfront Bistro with live entertainment are steps apart on Liverpool Road. We now have four restaurants within a five-minute walk, the boutiques of Captain's Walk on Liverpool Road to stroll, and activities at Pickering's waterfront and beach to keep everyone occupied.

—Gary Peck

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